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"Philip paints with plants. His designs are rich

with color, texture and movement."



Philip has been interested in gardening since growing up in Kent, Connecticut, where he spent most weekends with his father planting and tending to perennial beds, repairing century-old stone walls and caring for a half-acre vegetable garden.

He approaches landscape design by combining the uniqueness of each site and the surrounding architecture with the people who will be experiencing the space. He listens closely and works with clients to design solutions that reflect their personal style. Through the use of clean lines and a broad palette of plants, Philip creates distinctive spaces that enhance the way people live and enjoy their homes.

Philip received his formal education in landscape design at the George Washington University College of Professional Studies in Washington, D.C. He is an active member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD), the Ecological Landscape Alliance (ELA), and a NOFA accredited organic land care professional.

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Latest Project



Set on almost five acres outside San Francisco, the owners of this home wanted to accomplish two goals; install a more sustainable alternative to their existing high-maintenance turf lawn; and create an environment that would encourage a diverse bird population.


We formed a dense ground cover with a mix of drought tolerant grasses such as Festuca mairei, Muhlenbergia rigens, Sesleria ‘Greenlee’s Hybrid’ and Carex divulsa. Lavender, salvias and gauras provided splashes of color. Through the grasses, a meandering path of Kurapia cleared the way for unencumbered evening strolls. 


purple flowers in garden philip maggi landscape and garden design

“Philip is a great communicator, is easy to work with, and has a terrific design acumen. He works collaboratively with you to help realize your vision and carefully considers long term sustainability and ease of maintenance with a keen aesthetic. He does a great job mixing in unique plantings to set your space apart.”

—Todd, Arlington, VA




Color and movement summarize what the owners of this Willow Glen home asked of their front yard. A variety of grasses including Festuca mairei and Seslaria autumnalis comprise the ground-layer. Colors were added through the planting of Verbena bonariensis, Achillea, Erigeron glaucus and Eschscholzia California. To prevent the garden from looking too untamed, a cedar split-rail fence was installed around the border to provide a confined organization to the wildness within.


An unusually large lot afforded the homeowners of this suburban Washington, D.C. home to recreate a park-like experience within steps of their front door. A collection of trees, including redbud, dogwood, birch, and oak were chosen to provide a mixed canopy for the shrubs and perennials that would form a dense blanket covering the ground. Shrubs chosen for seasonal interest include Itea virginica, Ilex verticillata, Calliacarpa and Clethera alnifolia. A variety of perennials, grasses and bulbs provide color from late winter to fall.

Award Winner of the Alexandria Beautification Commission’s Excellence in Sustainable Design

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A contemporary minimalistic garden with crushed stone, steel planters and boulders comprise the front of this Silicon Valley ranch home. Grasses native to the Mediterranean and Africa for drought tolerance replaced the turf lawn. Steel planters were fabricated on either side of the entryway to add textural interest and height for additional plantings. Lighting was installed to illuminate the diversity of organic shapes in the garden.